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IAGO Is a BBC Welsh A-Lister & top 100 Billboard Recording artist: his recent release topping charts in several countries reaching number 1 In Italy and following success in other countries at number 2 in the UK and number 2 in the US under the band “Years and Years” his latest release was 6 weeks running on the billboard charts USA. IAGO has collaborated with several big influencers including one of YouTube’s biggest with over 2.1 Billion Streams (KHS) he also featured on the Universal Audio Campaign for their latest product release (UAD Arrow) and was the lead vocalist for the pitch perfect two Capital FM Radio promotions: IAGO successfully released a collaboration with Skrillex’s Favourite ‘Phonat: Signed to OWSLA before Collaborating with others such as: Gilbert O Sullivan, Tokyo Myers, Connor Reeves, Dom Capuano, Phonat & many more.


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