Dario G

Gender: Male


Dario G’s huge football anthem  

“Carnaval de Paris” made him a worldwide name. 

Dario G is back on the road to bring you his Carnaval de Paris Show. 

It will either consist of his powerful and energetic solo DJ set, or his colourful and super lively full stage PA. 

The timeless character of Carnaval de Paris has been constant over the last 21years. 

His other hits Including the classic "Sunchyme" & soccer anthems 

“Carnaval de Paris"and "Ring Of Fire", 

The Beach soundtrack "Voices", 

to his very latest collaboration 

“We Got Music" with Dame Shirley Bassey, as well as writing and producing the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Mascot Song with Pitbull. 

So get on board and join the Carnaval.


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